Helping others in need

Now you can do your part for charity as well!

Select payment to the designated charity and donate your device's value to them.

We will send them the donation on your behalf and you will receive your receipt via email. It’s as simple as that.

Here is the list of Charity Organizations that you can donate to:


Kidney Dialysis Foundation

Singapore Cancer Society

Singapore Buddhist Welfare Service

Muslim Missionary Society

Singapore Christian Outreach To The Handicapped

Singapore Indian Development Association

Children's Cancer Foundation

Dyslexia Association Of Singapore

The Singapore Association for the Deaf

For more information on IPC, please click on the link to their website.

We will deduct a 10% fee for processing, administrative and transport cost from the proceeds and send the balance directly to your named charity!

No hassle for you!

We work with sggives

We work with SG Gives ( for all our proceeds to charity.