What is working condition?

What does Working Condition mean?

Device must be:
• Able to be powered on and off,
• Be fully functional (normal cosmetic wear and tear is acceptable, however if there are cracks on the phone, there will be a price reduction of 20% depending on the severity),
• Have a working screen (touch screens must not be cracked),
• Include its battery (you can keep memory card, charger, etc),
• Not water-damaged.

Note: For working phones, please charge the device to allow it to power on so that when 
we are there to collect the phones, we can shorten your waiting time while we access the phone.

What does Non-Working mean?

Device must be:
• Include its battery (you can keep if any memory card and charger),
• Be intact - not crushed or snapped in half.

Non-Working examples: Water damaged, Broken/bleeding LCD (screen), blank display, no power up, faulty/cracked touch screen, bloated battery etc

Note: All devices must be useable on a Singapore network or not locked. Devices locked to a foreign network will not be accepted. CSI Mobile reserves the right to reject any phone at our own discretion.