Why Us


Remember the last time you tried to sell your phone to a used phone shop? Did the guy at the shop give you another price which was different from the advertised price after pointing to a small dent on the phone? And just because you started talking to them, you feel a little shy and as a result, obligated to sell it to them?

We are here to bridge the gap between expectations and reality!
What you see is what you get on our site, without any deductions whatsoever!
Our transparency is a key function of our dedication to providing the best prices to our customers to unlock value of unused devices!

Competitive pricing

Always wanted to trade in your old phone but realized that the price you're getting for it is way too low and decided to just use it as an alarm clock? Fret not, our prices are extremely competitive! We believe that you should get the best value for your used phone! 

Our pricing is definitely higher than the operators! Just make sure that your phone fits the condition we need them to be in and we'll pay you as accordingly to what’s stated on this website.


Convenience is our topmost priority! We want to ensure that all our clients experience a smooth and hassle-free transaction! Don't worry about having to travel down to the shops, spending hours looking for the best deal and risk being hustled just because your phone has a slight scratch or dent, we will pick up your phone and pay you for it at the comfort of your doorstep!

Can't find your charger, box, CD and accessories? No problem! All we require from you is just the phone with the battery! If your phone no longer works at all and no shop wants to take it in, we are more than happy to take in your non working phones as well. You will be paid accordingly to the "non working" phone pricing.

Saving the environment

Going for a new phone? Don’t toss away the old one! Recycle it for some cash and do your part for the environment or charity!

If you are throwing away your old phones, please know this: they will end up harming you and the environment. When disposed improperly, they will end up in an incinerator and harmful substances like mercury, cadmium and lead will be emitted into the environment and pollute the air, water and land of Singapore.

Do your part for the environment by giving your device a second life!

Facts of pollution

Health effects include sensory impairment, dermatitis, memory loss, and muscle weakness.

Environmental effects in animals include death, reduced fertility, slower growth and development.

The most common form of cadmium is found in Nickel-cadmium rechargeable batteries.

These batteries tend to contain between 6 and 18% cadmium. When not properly recycled, it can leach into the soil, harming microorganisms and disrupting the soil ecosystem.

Exposure is caused by proximity to hazardous waste sites and factories and workers in the metal refining industry. The inhalation of cadmium can cause severe damage to the lungs and is also known to cause kidney damage.